Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Bad blogger

Craziness, I tell you. There's so much chaos that circles 'round me every day lately that it's no wonder that I haven't posted at all.
First, I've gone back to teaching full time. I'm teaching 3rd/4th grades at a small Christian school in town, and I'm so tired! How do kids do it? :) I'm only 32 but I'm falling asleep every night by 9. Our day begins around 6 and we're at school by 7. School begins at 7:30 and ends at 2, but I haven't been home earlier than 3:45 yet. Our average is 4 pm. I think the exhaustion comes from pouring yourself into your kids and your have so little to take home with you, really.
I love my students. I've known most of them for a year or so, but these past few weeks have been such a 'getting-to-know-you' experience for all of us. Because it's a combined class, I'm teaching two curriculums (no wonder I'm tired) which overlap only slightly. I have 11 kids; 5 4th graders and 6 3rd graders. Two are girls. No, not two third graders and two fourth graders; TWO of ELEVEN. It's a bit of a sweaty, dusty mess at times, but those boys are my Sweet Baboos.
Weekends have been crazy, as we don't seem to have time to just chill as a family, which I'm craving so badly lately. We'll be going to a big fair this weekend, and I hope that will be fun. The kids rode the elephant last year and I got my maple candy, so everyone was happy. I also picked up a gorgeous skein of natural alpaca yarn (sport-weight, for those of you who knit) that I haven't touched since I wound it into a skein last October. I'm that much of an overachiever, folks.
Speaking of October, Michael won another of those wonderful trips we've been taking every fall. We're off to Naples, FL this year. I'm looking forward to a few days off. Because Lexus sets everything up (and pays, thank goodness!) I'm scheduled for a massage that first day. Between teaching and the flight, I'm sure I'll need it just to function! Thank you, Lexus! (and thank you, honey, for working so hard!)
In good news....a little girl I've been praying for to find a family (for over a year!) has finally been matched. We had inquired about her but were told that we would most likely be denied as the agency doesn't place out of birth order and she was in between our #1 and #2. That and the country that she's from may have denied us due to family size. We had resigned ourselves (read: myself-Michael's gone back to feeling that 4 is perfect) to the thought that she very well could be waiting for a long time to come, but I was so excited to see her on the "recently matched" list. Yay, God!
That's about it. Hopefully I'll be able to keep up with this.